xVoting demo for Lipton Contest from BackToBuzz on Vimeo.

The way this works from the side of the user is this:

  1. User sees an ad, post, landing page or any other kind of link to the contest or sweepstake. They like the prize, so the click on through.
  2. If this is their first time in the xVoting application, they are required to Allow the application the permissions it needs in order to register.
  3. They see the contest’s homepage. That’s where they are usually first exposed to the concept of the contest.
  4. To have a chance at winning, they need to participate so they fill in a form with the question that the organizer is asking. They might have to click Like on the organizer’s page before they can compete (optional).
  5. Once that’s done, they have a profile within the contest. Now they have to invite their friends. Their friends need to also like the organizer’s page before they can vote (optional).
  6. More and more users register, so users can vote for each other. The better the prize, the more they work like busy bees exchanging votes and tracking who’s more likely to win.
  7. Once the contest deadline expires, no more new users can enter the contest. One or more winners are drawn from the proverbial hat or are simply chosen because they have the most votes.

On the other hand, from the side of the organizer this looks more like this:

  1. Realize that you need this application to make your contest as fuss-free and as fair as possible.
  2. Think of a concept.
  3. Write up the questions you’d like to ask your users. Try to keep your questions down to 3 or 4 and make them either fun or try to receive some useful information.
  4. Select a good prize for your audience (it can be one of your products if it is valuable to your audience).
  5. Decide on whether you want the winner(s) to be selected at random with equal chances for each user, to have a draw with each user having as many chances as their votes or if the one with the most votes will win.
  6. Ask us to create a design for you.
  7. Promote the contest with advertising, on your website, facebook page etc.
  8. Watch the users soar on the contest and on your facebook page.
  9. Select winners (or have us do that for you and record the whole thing for transparency) and give the prize away.

Congrats, you have ROI!